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View all the cats who need homes - All have been vaccinated and either spayed or neutered. $100

Xavier, Donnelly, Tennant, Skylar, Maksim, Clara, Sinead, Siobhan

Current Status: Full

8 females and 11 males (all spayed or neutered & vaccinated) $100.00

Don't Turn A Blind Eye: Report Cruelty to Animals


Your name will be entered to win this unique pet bed if you adopt or donate $100 or more

Adoption Day: Saturday January 31 10 - 3

Fit For Pets Boutique at the corner of Main St & Ferguson Ave. Haileybury

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Bring us your pop cans, beer cans, liquor bottles, Canadian Tire Money too!

Donations of Cash, Cat Food, Litter, Blankets, toys, carriers, beds etc always welcome

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