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Don't Turn A Blind Eye: Report Cruelty to Animals


What Is Animal Cruelty?

How to recognize animal cruelty:
Look for these common signs of neglect or intentional cruelty witnessed by Ontario SPCA investigators:

  • Wounds on the body.
  • Severely overgrown nails (often curling under) or hooves (often curling upwards).
  • Patches of missing hair.
  • Extremely thin, starving animals with ribs or backbone protruding.
  • Infected eyes that have been left untreated.
  • Limping.
  • Animals who are repeatedly left alone without food and water. Often they are chained up in a yard.
  • Animals who have been hit by cars and have not received veterinary attention.
  • Animals who are kept outside without shelter in extreme weather conditions. Tropical birds especially cannot tolerate cold temperatures.
  • An owner kicking, hitting or physically abusing an animal.
  • Animals who cower fearfully or act aggressively when their owners approach.
  • Severe flea or tick infestations left untreated.
  • Animals left in a car on a hot or cold day.
  • Animals crammed into tiny cages in overcrowded conditions.
  • Abandonment (often when pet owners move or by unprofitable farmers).
  • Reptiles with dull, darkened skin, tremors, gaping mouth and excessive saliva, or experiencing difficulty climbing.
  • Aquatic and amphibious creatures kept in tanks with murky water.
  • Illegal trapping of wild animals or animals left for extended periods in traps.
  • Excessive scratching of the head area, shaking of the head and dirt or discharge in ears indicative of a possible ear infection.
  • Chronic diarrhea or vomiting.
  • Animals kept in dirty conditions including being forced to stand in their own urine and excrement.
  • Swellings, such as tumors or abscesses, left untreated.
  • Rabbits with a severe head tilt.
  • Slaughter by untrained individuals.

Visit businesses that support 4Paws & say thanks!!

Donation Box Locations

When you see our little donation box sitting on the counter of the following businesses, please be as generous as you can.


Coffeetime - highway 11 between 2 nd Street and 3rd Street

Englehart Animal Hospital - 74 4 th Ave

Englehart Variety - 45 3 rd Street

Kingston's Service Centre - 135 4 th Ave

Sisters' Restaurant - corner of 4 th Ave and 3rd Street

New Liskeard:

Chat Noir Books - 57 Whitewood Ave. New Liskeard

Desjardins Credit Union - 138 Whitewood Ave

E's Liquidation 14 Armstrong St. N

K-9 to 5 Doggie Daycare (Hwy11 N)

Lakeside Vet - (Hwy 11 N)

Puppy's Breath Pet Grooming - 50 Scott St.

Temiskaming Vet - New Liskeard - 191 Drive-In Theatre Road New Liskeard


Fit For Pets Boutique - Corner of Main & Ferguson in Haileybury


Rob's Hair Salon: Across from the Liquor store downtown Cobalt

We at 4Paws Rescue Do NOT condone the act of DECLAWING and will NOT allow our cats to be mutilated in this manner.

If you insist on it - do not adopt from us.


Don't subject your cat to unnecessary procedures

Declawing and tendonectomies should be reserved only for those rare cases in which a cat has a medical problem that would warrant such surgery, such as the need to remove cancerous nail bed tumors.



Donations Always Needed

Bring us your pop cans, beer cans, liquor bottles, Canadian Tire Money too!

Donations of Cash, Cat Food, Litter, Blankets, toys, carriers, beds etc always welcome


Your name will be entered to win this unique pet bed if you adopt or donate $100 or more



With Kitten Season approaching: Please donate the following

  • KMR - Kitten milk replacer
  • Kitten food - tinned
  • Blankets
  • Toys


ADOPT your next pet from us

FOSTER for us if you can't adopt. Fostering helps us socialize and evaluate animals and gives them their best chance at a successful adoption.

DONATE : 4Paws has no funding other than donations from the public. We accept donations of cash, Canadian Tire Money, Gift Cards, pet supplies and pop cans, beer cans/bottles, liquor bottles and clean small cat food tins

DONATE : Cat/kitten food & litter at Fit For Pets Boutique & Rehab (Haileybury Mall)

DONATE: your time and skills to help out at a local awareness/ fundraising event or even transporting animals

ADHERE TO THE CONTRACT: When you adopted your kitten you promised to spay/neuter vaccinate it in a timely manner. Take your new kitten/cat to the vet within 14 days.

SPAY/NEUTER YOUR PET . Don't become part of the problem.

DON'T let your pet roam unsupervised.

Send donations to:

4Paws Rescue

RR#3 Englehart,

ON P0J 1H0



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